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(/ )!! . . 77% .. . ” ” . . . . . . . . !! . .. !Madam, do you know you can convert pregnancy months to the most beautiful 9…

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(/ )!! . . 77% .. . ” ” . . . . . . . . !! . .. !Madam, do you know you can convert pregnancy months to the most beautiful 9 months in your life?And can avoid 77% of the undesired pregnancy symptoms only if you get the trusted information in advance?GraviLog, is the 1st interactive healthcare app connected with your doctor. Now for the 1st time, you can obtain your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for free; which enables your doctor to monitor your health and your fetus health, just invite your Dr. to use his part through our website at it is the most secured and user friendly system ever!GraviLog will accompany you since the early signs of your pregnancy until easy and safe delivery, will provide you with all you need to make your pregnancy period more fun and safe!GraviLog provides you credible information related to healthy nutrition and how to avoid pregnancy complications like heartburn, pack pain and varicose veins and others.GraviLog monitors and tracks your weight and fetus kicks, reminds you to take your medicine, doctors visits and periodic checkups on-time.Enjoy 3D images for fetus development during the 40 weeks.This app has been designed under the full supervision of several doctors in Harvard university hospitals and the in the Arab world, and is highly recommended by several specialized doctors and scientific committees. You can search Obstetric and gynecologists based on your country and city, you may call them directly. What are you waiting for? Download the app now for free and discover the several unique features for GraviLog!With GraviLog App…. You will never experience an easier pregnancy and a safer delivery!
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