Google Document Training for Windows 8

Google Document Training for Windows 8 for Windows

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Help you learn about Google document tools and functionalities from your Windows 8 device.

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The Google Document Training app features 49 tutorials on the key Google Document tools and functionalities. This series of video tutorials will take you through all the key tools in Google Document, the word-processing application offered as part of the Google Docs office suite. Based entirely online, Google Document allows you to create and format a text-based document in no time at all. As well as creating documents from scratch using the service, you can also import files that you have already created using another program – such as Open Office or Microsoft Word – and work on it in Google Document. These video tutorials will also show you how to insert images, including charts, photographs, and customized diagrams. You can even add interactivity to the document with the insertion of hyperlinks and bookmarks. And once you have finished your document, you can share it with your colleagues via email, publish it on the internet, or even invite others to participate in its creation with you using the share tools. The integrated comments system will help you to discuss your document and ensure that it really is the product of your combined efforts.

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