Goal Football Manager

Goal Football Manager for Android

Free English Version: 3.2

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Are you ready for the Championship? Play GOAL Football Manager!

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Software description

GOAL Football Manager. Are you ready for the Championship? Featured as a top sports mobile app in all the world and in nine languages, GOAL Football Manager offers an up-to-date, completely free experience with no in-app purchases. With thousands of managers playing matches two times every day, it is up to you to develop an unbeatable team.

Features: Always has been, always will be completely 100% free-to-play! No in-app purchases or pay-to-win options whatsoever! The future of your team depends on the skill you have as a manager and that is it. Scour the transfer market to improve your team! Be a talent scout and search for the best available players. Prepare your strategy and buy and sell players in order to optimize your team for upcoming matches. Experience what it’s like to develop your players from young, inexperienced kids to skilled, professional veterans. Optimize your players’ skills and see them improve at a dramatic rate. Advance through seven different leagues while competing in international cup matches against teams in all leagues. Your actions will dictate how successful you are. Take charge of choosing sponsors, paying salaries, extending contracts and upgrading your stadium for more income. You are in control of every aspect of your team – it’s up to you. Determine your best eleven players, the best lineup that will play each match! Invest in your stadium and see it grow and change! Assign your team jersey colors and a nationality. Your team depends on YOU to take the lead. This game was created for sports fanatics who grew up yelling at the screen because the manager for your team made a bad decision. Now it is up to you to prepare, assign, manage, lead and control every choice you wanted to make for your favorite team. What are you waiting for?

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J.v.G. technology
19.57 MB
Android 2.1+
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