GDrive Pro for Windows 8

GDrive Pro for Windows 8 for Windows

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Access to all your Google Drive stuff from any Windows 8 device.

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Software description

Store documents, pictures, or other files using GDrive Pro and easily share them with anyone. With GDrive Pro you can manage multiple Google accounts (Up to 10 accounts) and edit and save documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files. Note that GDrive Pro does not have built-in editor. It depends on software such as Microsoft Office for editing. It shares photos and documents with friends and family with Windows 8 Share Charms, organizes your files into folders, Star your important stuff for easy access, adds new comments, invites your friends to view, edit your files in Google Drive, changes your file permissions, listens to music from Google Drive in the background, and navigates easily between your folders in Google Drive.

No Threats Detected
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