FunSketch for MAC

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Helps turn your photos into sketch art.

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Software description

FunSketch makes it easy for photo-to-sketch. It is a delightful app to effortlessly turn your digital photo into an cool sketch. It’s ease to use and provides great flexibility for those who need-Just choose from a variety of FunSketch’s built-in Presets or create dozens of individual edit sketch effects.

Key features:
�¢?�¨- Produce amazing photos intelligently, easy and cool
�¢?�¨- 36 Buit-in Presets Cool Sketch �¢?�¨
– Rename/delete the Buit-in Presets
– 31 BrushesÃ?¢?Ã?¨
– 30 BackgroundÃ?¢?Ã?¨
– 12 ArtSketch
– Save a dozens of individual edit sketch effect property to Presets
�¢?�¨- Set pen color and background color
– Colorize with original colors
– Adjust brightness and contrast
�¢?�¨- Crop,Straighten & Rotate to get desirable images by distracting no needed parts. And also includes standard aspect ratios

No Threats Detected
Zuxiang Wang
Mac / OS X / OS Classic
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