Fflp! for MAC

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Mix and match game for kids.

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Software description

Fflp! is a “mix & match” game for little ones (and big ones who feel young at heart.) It’s a very simple game that triggers your imagination and tickles your sense of magic and poetry.

Swap the heads, bodies and legs of the characters to create weird and funny looking people.
Infinite combinations are possible.
The high quality illustrations, full of color and details ensure a beautiful, fun and poetic experience. The game development aims towards simple but playful interactions.
Fflp! is free. The app comes with 4 characters (64 possible combinations!)
You can buy extra characters within the app for a ridiculous price.

No Threats Detected
Manuel Carrasco Molina
Mac / OS X / OS Classic
Deskify - Play Candy Crush Saga

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