Extrak for Windows

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Search and replace complex patterns inside text-based files.

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Software description

Extrak is a unique industrial-strength ‘Search and Replace’ software that provides an easy-powerful-and concise way to search for complex patterns inside text-based files in a dead-simple-innovative manner. It searches-extracts-and fixes/modifies text matches in ‘batch-mode’ from any number of files you choose-at blazing speed. Extrak revolutionizes ‘Search and Replace’ with a fresh innovative approach and a clean simple interface – you get practically all the power and flexibility of a ‘regex’ engine-with NONE of the steep learning curve-headaches-and numerous rules. Define exactly what you want to find using just simple placeholders. Enjoy ‘free-form’ data manipulation – add-omit-and rearrange anything anywhere. Manipulate your data like never before… easily – with extrak.

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