Excel Mixer Nano

Excel Mixer Nano for Windows

Free English Version: 1.1

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Control cell values with sliders-create dynamic worksheets and charts in a few clicks.

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Software description

Excel Mixer Nano is the quickest-most efficient-safest and cheepest way to bring your Excel data and Excel charts to life with your mouse! All you have to do is select a range of cells in Excel-and Excel Mixer Nano will provide you with a slider (or scroll bar) for each cell-with adjustable min-max and step! Excel Mixer Nano remembers configurations-so that you there is no need to configure sliders each time you create one for a particular cell. Excel Mixer Nano is a standalone freeware which runs completely outside of Excel and is available for Windows and Mac.

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Windows 10|Windows 7|Windows 8|Windows 8.1|Windows XP
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