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Get a collection of lisps for your survey drawing projects.

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150+ Lisps categorized neatly under 18 Heads for Quickly Producing Presentable Survey Drawings. Text: Rotate-change angle or align texts with respect to selected text or parallel to line. and change case and justification. Text Value Modification: Interchange text; create new text and copy reference text to all other selected text. Insert the sequential numbers to text. Lines: Join points or blocks and find overlapping lines. Also-mark intersecting lines of different layers. Polylines: Convert connected lines to Polyline-reverse and measure each segment and cumulative distance of polyline-mark chainages and each node and measure clockwise / anticlockwise bearing. 3D Polyline: Create 3D line by selecting elevation texts in different combination. Also-n remove z value of all the vertex of a polyline. Layer: Pick the text for layer name; and use layer manager to accomplish other tasks. Blocks: Insert block at the end point or at intersection or between selected points. Select: Initiate jump to text of same layer and other text. Select entities within a polygon. Interpolate: Interpolate at midpoint-at a given point and N values between given points and interpolate at given distance. Import and Export: Extract text within polygon boundary and export selected objects to CSV file and import text from CSV file as AutoCAD points. Print Ready: Bulk print drawing-rotate text and block as well as scale text and block. Area: Find area of multiple objects. Mathematics and Statistics: Find the minimum and maximum numeric value amongst the selected texts. View the basic statistics and insert the summation for the selected texts. Elevate: Create 3D points and elevation text. Utilities: Measure distance-draw grid-show entities of specified color. Snap text to nearest grid point. Survey Utilities: Find lat long of selected text-do traverse correction.

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