Epro Cybersoft Server Edition

Epro Cybersoft Server Edition for Windows

Free English Version: 10.05.11

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Manage transactions and accounting for cyber cafes-generate and manage VIP/Regular tickets.

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Software description

Full time management: generate and manage VIP (special) / regular (general) tickets efficiently. System lock/security: prevent unauthorized shutdown of computers. Personalized timer: set your own cyber cafe name on clients’ timer applications. Bandwidth monitoring: monitors bandwidth transfers on network with graphical display. Print monitoring: monitor print jobs on your printers. Point of sales: manage sales of menu (beverages-snacks) with full auditing. Hardware restriction: prevent users from inserting USB or other removable devices. Programs regulation: prevent installation/removing of programs. Application security: prevent user from shutting down the timer application. Remote desktop: operate client systems from the server. Capture screen-file transfers. Full chat system: chat with server administrator and send files from any client’s pc. Automatic update: update client’s timer application from the server. Nifty gui: easy to use and beautiful user interface with hints on usage. Client self service: place orders from client application-top-up ticket. User management: manage and assign roles to Cybersoft users.

No Threats Detected
Easy Processing Company
46.86 MB
Windows 10|Windows 7|Windows 8|Windows 8.1|Windows XP
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