EMP Detector(Free)

Do you have a headache or feel tired unreasonably?

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Do you have a headache or feel tired unreasonably?
How can you tell if an Android app is safe?
You should doubt electromagnetic waves as the cause of sleep disorder or related nerve disease.
EMP Detector is using the sensor of smartphone to find electromagnetic wave.
Especially, it analyzes wavelength of magnetism sensor to the way of originative algorithm.
* When you want to use paid version of this program, you should install the free version and test its operation and performance.
* I recommend that you check operation test nearby microwaves or other electronic equipments.
* Introduce MBC Evening News TV program(Broadcasting Corporation-Korea).
Differences with paid version
Improve Screen output.
Have a possibility on delicate sensitivity setting.
Delete Advertisements.
Improve other functions.
Electromagnetic wave analyzer detects Electromagnetic wave as a form of graph.
It uses the magnetism sensor of smartphone.
Especially, it analyzes wavelength of its sensor to the way of originative algorithm.
If magnetism sensor’s sensibility is higher, it can detect wavelength in more long distance.
* It can find electromagnetic wave occurring from the equipment. However, you can’t expect the function of program like expensive measuring equipment.
* There’s a chance to make a momentary error because of your smartphones electromagnetic wave.
How to operate
Install your smartphone on the stable place.
You can make sensibility of this program higher until you can see the sign of “stable”.
(Samsung is high, SKY is low, SONY is high)
Install your smartphone where you doubt the occurred place of Electromagnetic wave.
* Do not move, wait a minute and then check the results.
Operating error notification
Depending on the application, there may be not exactly the case. Three main causes.
1. Cell phone itself or defective sensor characteristics
2. When moving a mobile phone (can not be used in situations where the absolute motion)
3. Communicate with the relay itself at the moment (the moment of communication internally at regular intervals by operating error propagation)
What is electromagnetic wave?
There are a lot of story about electromagnetic wave take a harmful influence to our body.
Among the many kind of electromagnetic wave, most influenced electromagnetic waves are extremely low frequency (ELF), very low frequency (VLF), Radio Frequency (RF) and microwave.
electromagnetic waves are reported in the paper as the cause of headache, blurred vision, leukemia, brain tumor, brainwave confusion, circulating system disorder, destroy generative function of men, VDP syndrome and eye diseases.

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