Eggnogg for Windows

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Aim your swords in local 2-player head-to-head battle.

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Software description

It’s a local 2-player head-to-head game. Aim the sword for blocking-stabbing-and throwing using UP/DOWN controls. If an opponent’s attack comes in low-middle-or high-you can move your sword to block at the same height. This also works for bare-fisted combat (though not against swords!) The player will punch when in close-or otherwise kick (for more damage). To RUN-press the RUN button and a direction left or right. Then while running-press the RUN button again to jump. You can duck by pressing RUN and down-and do a slide if you duck while you’re running. You will pick up a sword if you are empty-handed and duck near one. Also while running-hold the ATTACK button to throw your sword. You can throw it at various different angles-bounce it off of stuff. It might even bounce back and impale you. Good times.

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