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Take control and save on State Farm auto insurance with Drive Safe & Save.

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Software description

Available in select states only. Please contact your State Farm agent for availability.

State Farm customers can enroll in Drive Safe & Save by downloading this free mobile app. The app will collect basic information about your driving, and use that information to calculate the Drive Safe & Save discount* on your auto insurance. The app lets you monitor how much you drive.
How it Works
-Use of this Drive Safe & Save app will require that the State Farm customer use a Bluetooth beacon sent to you upon enrollment.
-The Drive Safe & Save app uses smartphone features including Bluetooth and GPS. The app does not run all the time, helping to reduce impact to battery life.
The Drive Safe & Save app will collect*:
– Distance driven
– Braking and stops
– Speed
– Time of day
– Acceleration
– Left & right-hand turns
Installation instructions for the app:
1. Download the Drive Safe & Save app on your eligible smartphone.
2. Once downloaded, tap on the icon and log in using your user ID and password**. Follow the setup instructions while inside your vehicle. (If there are multiple drivers of the vehicle, each driver should install the app on their smartphone and complete setup.)
3. To maximize your discount opportunity, bring a smartphone with the app installed on every trip and keep the phone’s Bluetooth and GPS active.
-A trip automatically begins when you start driving, so there is no need to manually start or repeat app login.
-Do not use your phone while driving.
It’s that simple. You’re on your way to a discount* on your State Farm auto insurance premium.
Mandatory phone features for participation:
Optional features:
*In some cases, how you drive determines how much discount you may receive. Discounts may vary by state and coverages selected. A discount may not be available in North Carolina, depending on individual facts and circumstances.
**You’ll need to log in to your account for this vehicle to complete setup. The policy must be in the format of a first and last name. Businesses, trusts, DBA, etc. are not eligible at this time for a account. Contact your State Farm agent for details.

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