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Truck Drivers – Scan and send documents without a fax machine or scanner.

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Truck Drivers – Scan and send documents without a fax machine or scanner. “Where have you been with this app and it’s free WOW LOVE IT GREAT APP”. “Really good and easy to use, and the quality of the image is impressive”. “It really does work.” HIGH QUALITY IMAGES – Drive Axle transforms your grey, shadowy scans into crisp, readable images. Drive Axle can produce better quality images than a fax machine, truck stop scanner, or in-cab scanner. Get paid faster and enjoy the convenience of Drive Axle. Scanning can be done before you leave the delivery location or at a later convenient time. With Drive Axle, you can capture a freight document with your phone and send it to anyone with an email address. Scan all types of freight documents: Proof of Delivery. Bill of Lading. Fuel Receipt. Scale Certificate/Receipt. Vehicle Inspection Report. And More. Drive Axle is easy to use. No training is required. No fleet ID required. Drive Axle can be used by any truck driver. Now you can enjoy high-powered mobile scanning previously only affordable by large fleets. The makers of Drive Axle make no guarantee that any fleet will receive and accept documents transmitted from this app. In order to protect against abuse and ensure fast document delivery, high volume document recipients may be subject to restriction.
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