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Preserve your desired computer configuration and settings.

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“Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore Software makes endpoints virtually indestructible. It protects the system by freezing a snapshot of a computer’s desired configuration and settings as defined by the IT Admin. With an instant reboot-any unwanted or unauthorized changes are completely erased from the system-restoring it back to its pristine Frozen state. Deep Freeze removes all software installed without your authorization with a single reboot and helps your organization achieve license compliance. This reboot to restore software provides unrestricted system access to end-users while preventing permanent configuration changes and ensures 100% workstation recovery with every restart. It reduces reliance on IT staff by empowering end-users to resolve system issues with just a simple restart which results in less number of IT support tickets and enhances productivity. Customers have reported an average reduction of 63% in IT tickets. The powerful reset mechanism of Deep Freeze provides a simple and effective way to clear all malicious changes to your system-including zero-day threats. Simply rebooting the systems will destroy any malware and restore them back to a known safe state instantly.

Following are the key features of Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore Software: Central Management Enterprise Console which makes it easy for IT Admins to deploy-configure-and manage Deep Freeze computers across the network. You can also create a customized console with tailored features as per your organization’s requirement. Maintenance Tasks allow scheduling different maintenance windows to perform automatic updates using a batch file or third party management solutions. Auto Windows Update feature automatically downloads Windows updates even when computers are frozen. IT Admins can schedule a maintenance window to perform automatic OS updates and return to a frozen state. Remote Launch enables launching existing applications on selected computers from the console or even push the executable and launch it remotely. MBR Protection features ensures enhanced security with protection for the Master Boot Record from rootkit injections and other alterations-making your security bulletproof. ThawSpace features allows users to create virtual partitions to retain important data even if there is no separate physical partition available on the computer.

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