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Data Viewer for Windows

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Read COBOL format files and convert to other formats.

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Software description

Data Viewer is an application reads a COBOL data file and convert it non-COBOL formats such as CSV-DBF-Oracle-and Excel. Features include read file with known record layout-extract record layout from COBOL program-read file with unknown record layout-edit record layout-and export the data to non-COBOL format. Record layout of the data file is known to you. You have an *.FDD file that contains record layout info and a link to the actual data file. Use “File. Open” command to open the *.FDD file. Data-Viewer recognizes these COBOL data file formats: MF- MicroFocus COBOL-MFSCO- MicroFocus SCO COBOL-MF8- MicroFocus COBOL IDXFORMAT8-VIS- MicroFocus Visual COBOL-RM- RM/RM85 COBOL-FSC- FSC RMKF COBOL-ACU- AcuCOBOL-ACU- Egan iCOBOL-ACU- WANG COBOL-SEQ- Sequential COBOL data files-and your file format.

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