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CutOut 6 Professional for Windows

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Create the perfect photomontage.

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Software description

The newly developed system of cutting out segments is the highlight of CutOut 6 professional. After the motif that you want is encircled-CutOut 6 will suggest the areas that should be removed. Per mouse click you can decide if the area – that segment – should be removed or not. Never before has the cutting out of objects or motifs from their backgrounds been easier or as accurate. Down to a hair.
CutOut professional lets you create the perfect photomontage by cutting out individual objects with just a few mouse clicks so that you can incorporate them into another photo. The whole thing will appear so realistic that it will look as if you had photographed the object with the new background. Let yourself create new fascinating pictures. Place your motifs in front of a new background and adapt the colour temperature to fit the fore- and background so that a realistic montage can be created. The time that you save in comparison to other cut-out software is enormous-since it doesn’t bombard you with highly complicated tools. The cut out tool that anyone can use even for complicated motifs: hair-grass-trees-leaves and all other filigree objects you will be able to cut out accurately and cleanly with this software.

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Windows 10|Windows 7|Windows 8|Windows 8.1|Windows XP
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