CryptDisk.4h (64 bit)

CryptDisk.4h (64 bit) for Windows

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Encrypt and store your files on a virtual disk.

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Software description

CryptDisk.4h (64 bit) uses a file as virtual logic drive and mounts it as a real one-everything you write to the created virtual disk will be encrypted transparently; virtual disk in effect is a drive volume that is loaded once you have input the correct password. It creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk. Decryption is automatic-as data is read from the hard disk or USB token-CryptDisk.4h automatically decrypts the data before it is loaded. When data is written back to the hard disk-it is automatically re-encrypted. CryptDisk.4h uses two of the most proven encryption algorithms: AES-256-Twofish-256.

No Threats Detected
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