Counter-Strike Ultra Launcher

Counter-Strike Ultra Launcher for Windows

Free English Version: 1.6

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Get a powerful tool for different launch-backup and restore options of Counter-Strike 1.6.

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Software description

Counter-Strike Ultra Launcher is a powerful program-which can launch Counter-Strike 1.6-import-export-backup & restore config files-menus-favorites and sprays. You can even start your favorite webpages from this launcher.

In Counter-Strike 1.6 several servers try to change our config files-menus-Steam removes our game favorites till the next update (especially if your Steam Cloud is not on) and our spray tag is being changed to the default one-because we regulary change our game settings. These factors do really disturb our gaming adventure & experience. Someday you will have to reinstall CS-then again and again. That’s why I recommend everyone to use this launcher. Basicly the launcher copies the files (configs-menus-sprays) to a specific place & replaces them in the game if you press the restore buttons in the launcher.
Getting started. First you reset all your configs-menus & sprays to the default. Change everything as you want – put your settings in your config-change the menu as you want and update your spray tag. Then open this launcher-go to the options and backup everything. From now on you will have to launch your CS through this launcher. Next time you open it-you will just have to press “Restore config-menu-spray” to restore everything to its previous status. If you want to change one of your files-restore everything to its previous status if not done yet-change your settings & backup the file again. To view your favorite webpages-drag your mouse to the “Web” text over the left and 6 of your favorite website links will show up. Feature Overview: – Easy setup wizard; – Automatic restore of configs-menus & sprays; – Regular favorites backup function; – Automatic CS launch function-when starting Ultra Launcher; – Ability to use own launcher; – Ability to launch another program with CS; – Ability to change launch parameters; – 6 Websites to show up; – Import / Export / Restore / Backup / Reset functions; – Works with Steam & Non-Steam CS.

No Threats Detected
2.32 MB
Windows 10|Windows 7|Windows 8|Windows 8.1|Windows XP
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