ClipMon Portable

ClipMon Portable for Windows

Free English Version: 1.2.0

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Manage Windows clipboard contents and use it for various occasions.

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Software description

ClipMon is a program for monitoring the Windows clipboard-displaying its content and managing a database of previous clipboard contents. The software consists of two parts: ClipMon and ClipMon History Browser. ClipMon has a global popup-menu with a global keyboard-shortcut to enter one of the last ten clipboard snippets into any application. ClipMon offers 4 different views for file-copies-shows text-clips in their original plain or rich-text format and a flexible image view. ClipMon can be made transparent or semi-transparent-stay on top of other windows-clear the clipboard and display exact information about the clipboard content. ClipMon can send your clipboard snippets (text-images-any files) to your custom directory or e-mail recipient with one mouse click. ClipMon History Browser is a flexible and versatile manager of all the collected clipboard snippets: Customizable scripts for the manipulation of text-clips-customizable thumbnails view with a customizable toolbar for image editors-and a list of file-clips with the same shell functionality as Windows Explorer. Each view can be sorted and/or filtered. The program contains a profusely illustrated help file-but is very easy to understand and use.

No Threats Detected
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