ClickOff for Windows

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Click buttons on error messages automatically.

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Software description

ClickOff is a program-which does a daily and very annoying task for you: click buttons on useless notification and error-messages. It is very easy to use: If a message like “Are you sure you want to exit” shows up-you start the window-detection of clickoff and point on the button you want to be clicked if the message shows up again – “Yes” in this case. If an ad-popup shows up it can be directly added to the list via hotkey or tray menu. Parts of a window title can be replaced by wildcards so that one entry can close several windows with similar titles. You can also set the text of message as a condition whether a button should be clicked or not. ClickOff waits in the system-tray next to your clock until one of its target windows shows up and then clicks the desired button. A browser popup will just be closed. Before a button is clicked or a window is closed-ClickOff can wait for a certain time allowing the user to click a button before it is automatically clicked.

No Threats Detected
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