Clear the GEMS (Full) for Windows 8

Clear the GEMS (Full) for Windows 8 for Windows

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Clear all the gems to complete a level on your Windows 8 device.

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Software description

Clear the GEMS (Full) for Windows 8 is a simple-ruled and challenging puzzle game. For a free user-you can play the first 25 levels without any limitation. Slide a gem to the left or right. If there is an adjacent gem on the sliding direction-the two gems will exchange their positions. Moving three or more gems with the same color together in a row or column will eliminate them all. A level is completed if you eliminate all gems. You have limited number of “slides”. If you run out of slides-you get to start a level over. Some levels may be easier to pass if you can benefit from a multi-touch screen. Without that you may be improbable to pass some other levels.

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