Bridge Baron 23

Bridge Baron 23 for Windows

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Compete in Bridge tournaments and receive scores based on the actual tournament results.

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We have improved the bidding and play. We have added new Bridge Tournaments for free-such as the 2012 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Selection (with Butler IMPs scoring). We have added 24 new challenging problem deals for a total of 376 Challenges. Kit Woolsey-multiple world champion and author of several bridge books-designed the new deals. We have improved Bridge Baron’s support for Portable Bridge Notation (PBN) files. Bidding Conventions: Standard American Five-Card Majors; Two-over-One Game Force; Acol; SAYC; La Majeure Cinquieme; Precision; Forum D. Build your own from more that 100 available conventions. Compete in Bridge Tournaments and receive scores based on the actual tournament results from these events. Here are just a few events that are included.

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