BitVice for MAC

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Software MPEG-2 encoder for standard def with DVD VOB creation.

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Software description

BitVice uses the latest technology to compress your precious movies into a format, which is immediately playable by any compliant MPEG2 decoder and is suitable for the authoring tool of your choice.

The BitVice do multiplexing to mpeg-2 program- and dvd vobs. The video streams produced by BitVice are MPEG2 compliant, and as such, they can be mounted in any compliant MPEG2 authoring or multiplexing tool.
The BitVice is stand-alone software, not a QuickTime codec, but it makes use of QuickTime features when it comes to reading the movie you want to compress.
In short, BitVice will compress any QuickTime movie, which output meets the MPEG2 input requirements.
Written by a few top of the world MPEG engineers, BitVice is the best real-world solution for you to produce high-end MPEG2 videos, suitable for DVD products, commercial spots or wherever you need an MPEG2 video encoding of the highest quality per bitrate available today. The designed sweet-spot is somewhere between 3.5 and 7.5 Megabits depending on the source material.

No Threats Detected
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Mac / OS X / OS Classic
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