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Baidu Spark Browser for Windows

Free English Version: 43.23.1007.94

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Software description

Baidu Browser is a blazing-fast-free Web browser with an intuitive interface and tons of useful tools built in. It’s based on the Chromium platform-which makes it speedy-lightweight and customizable. Baidu Browser features its own built-in torrent client-a media download tool for saving fun videos and audio to your computer-mouse gesture navigation-a video pop-up player-easy webpage translation and more. It’s fast-fun-and 100% free. Key Features: Pop-up Video Player With Baidu Browser-you’ll never have to go searching through tabs to find what you were watching. Simply click Spark’s “Pop-up” button to open any Web video in its own window. Media Downloader Baidu Bowser’s built-in Media Downloader lets you easily download video and audio directly to your computer-so you can put it on your phone or tablet and enjoy it again and again. Browser Doctor The Internet isn’t perfect-and Spark is here to help. Our built-in Browser Doctor can quickly diagnose and fix common browsing problems-so you never have to waste time looking up solutions. Open Recently Closed Tabs Everyone knows the frustration of accidentally closing a tab. Baidu Browser makes your life that much easier with its Recently Closed Tabs button. Simply click the button to restore any tabs that you closed by mistake. Full-Page Screenshots A picture is worth 1,000 words. Effortlessly share your browsing images with friends and family using Baidu Browser’s screenshot button-without having to open up a photo editing program to crop the picture. Drag and Drop Want to open a specific picture or video in another tab? With Baidu Browser-it’s as simple as drag and drop. Mouse Gestures Our built-in mouse gestures let you effortlessly interact with the Internet like never before. Go back-forward-open new tabs-refresh your page and more just by swiping your mouse. Account Syncing: Browse at home – even if you’re away. Log in with your Google account and all of your bookmarks-history-plug-ins-skins and settings will be seamlessly transferred over. When you’re done-simply log out-and Spark will return to its original settings.

No Threats Detected
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