B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver for MAC

Free English Version: 1.5.86

3.6 (72%) 2974 votes

B1 Free Archiver is a 100% free multiplatform compression tool.

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Software description

B1 Free Archiver is a 100% free compression tool for Mac as well as Windows, Android and Linux. It works with most popular formats – rar, zip, 7z as well as its own b1 format. B1 Free Archiver is very handy – most actions are performed in 2-3 clicks. Its latest improvements include password encryption, the possibility to choose and set default open action, full drag-and-drop support, archive in archive creation and navigation, keyboard navigation.

No Threats Detected
Catalina Group
26.91 MB
Mac / OS X / OS Classic
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