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Ali Huda is an Education and Entertainment platform for Muslim kids.

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Software description

Ali Huda is an Education and Entertainment platform for Muslim kids. It is a Video On Demand Streaming Service.

The app comes with some FREE videos for you to enjoy. It is just the tip of the iceberg.
Subscribe to get access to all Ali Huda videos, right on your mobile iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod or any Android tablet.
Ali Huda entertains and educates your children about Islam the fun way with 1000s of shows exclusively for Muslim kids.
No Ads. You pay a monthly or yearly fee.
Bundle of Joy for Muslim Kids. Peace of Mind for Muslim Parents.
With this subscription, you will receive:
– 1,000+ videos at Ali Huda!
– Beautiful, HD streaming cartoons and tv shows
– Automatically beam videos from your phone to your Chromecast or AirPlay enabled devices
– No Internet required! Sync videos to watch offline, or connect with WiFi, 3G and 4G
– Pick up where you left off, no problem
– Tell your friends about your favourite videos with Twitter, Facebook, texts, and email, right in the app
– For existing subscribers, you can simply sign in to your account to get access. No need to resubscribe.

No Threats Detected
Ali Huda
Android 2.1+
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