Aether for MAC

Free English Version: 1.1.2

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Read, write in, and create community moderated, distributed, and anonymous forums.

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Software description

Imagine a world where you could say absolutely anything under any name and make it heard, while having no body of your own. What would you say that you normally wouldn’t?

Would you be calling more people out? Distributing your very own scarlet letters? Lashing out on the new craze in tech, even if you know your significant other is into it? Writing up columns even The New York Times would be too embarrassed to publish on the opinion pages? Squashing pseudo-experts? Making fun of self-righteous prudes?
Aether enables you to act that unfiltered self on anything that tickles your fancy. That also means others get to have the same, too, so nurture a thick skin. We talk politics, gadgets, gossip, philosophy, tech and everything in between.

No Threats Detected
Burak Nehbit
Mac / OS X / OS Classic
Deskify - Play Candy Crush Saga

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