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Repair corrupted MS Access databases.

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Access Repair Toolbox is the market’s leading Microsoft Access and Access database repair solution. It delivers a powerful-effective and simple step-by-step recovery utility which easily and effectively performs Microsoft Access file repairs with unlimited database sizes and includes the ability to repair data tables-queries-links between tables as well as recovering deleted or damaged data. In addition-Access Repair Toolbox also allows for file preview without the need for the originating database program. Unquestionably-Access Repair Toolbox is the most powerful and easy-to-use Access recovery tool available on the market and it is only available using our secure download site – installation takes minutes and the recovery process is very easy to follow. The first step is where the proprietal error detection engine performs a deep inspection of the affected file – all you have to do is select the file for analysis. The error-detection engine will identify any anomalies with the database file and then match them to our proprietal library of known errors which we constantly maintain and update. Once an error is identified-Access Repair Toolbox will instantly apply the appropriate recovery protocol to repair the affected file and return the repaired data file to you for use with your program. The analysis stage can take some time to perform-usually between twenty minutes and an hour-however the recovery process can take several hours depending on the size and complexity of the underlying database file being repaired. It is advisable to run Access Repair Toolbox overnight in these instances to minimize disruption to you or other users. No other solution is as effective-as powerful or as easy to manage and implement as Access repair Toolbox and best of all-we provide full after sales support to guide users through the installation process and if Access Repair Toolbox is unable to recover the file-we will do it ourselves.

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